About Us

Hello Everyone, Cody Here!

Trying my best to live as a full time artist. I grew up in New York, and some my most fondest memories growing up were playing video games (Super Nintendo, 64, PS1, Gamecube etc) and watching my favorite cartoons (Teen Titans, Yu-Gi-Oh, Adventure Time etc) I wanted to recapture those amazing memories I have through my art, so I started to create different bodies of work of my favorite characters, and sold them at my first convention back in 2017. The turnout and positive feedback was so over whelming that I stared to attend more conventions, and eventually quitting my job and doing it full time! My time wasn't great, quitting at the end of 2019, then having Covvid hit right after. 😅 But ever since the successful I've had with the convention circuit, I wanted to keep sharing my art, and reach more people. I was only going to conventions around where I live, so I decide to open an online store. It has been quite a learning curve, but I've been enjoying the process, and I'm very happy you are here now and reading this :). Through the limitless possibilities of an online store, I started to expand my portfolio. Having not only artwork, but other merch as well (pillows, phones cases, clothing etc.) 

. I hope you too will get some happiness through my work, and who knows maybe I'll you at convention.