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ORIGINAL Super Mario Pouty Mood Boo Painting

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What Mood Boo are you?!

Hand painted just for you! Boo’s are very emotional just like us. Pick which boo mood you relate to the most!

Each Boo is painted with high quality gouache on a 6x6 inch Hard board. Each Painting is sealed with varnish and hand signed on the back for authenticity. Each painting comes with a saw tooth for easy hang-ability.

Decorate your walls, or shop for a friend now! Hurry these little guys disappear quick!


• Not for commercial use or resale. Personal or gift use only.

• Any brand names, logo or trademarks used herein remain the property of their respective owners. The listing of any company, drawing, quote and/or their logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation with said company.


• Contact me with any questions

• Original Artwork Created By: Cody James by Cody